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Ep#11: How can Wellness and Arts go Hand in Hand w/ India Bailey?

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Wellness and creative arts? That’s a combination most of us have never heard of. But trainer and DJ, India Bailey has made it happen. In this episode, we explore PLAY, the world of sensory experiences combining physical exercise and creative arts. We also discuss the negatives of the wellness industry and the steps to physical wellness.

India Bailey, is an athlete turned trainer, wellness editor for CircleZeroEight magazine, DJ, and founder of PLAY events, with a mission to bring new energy and concepts to London's wellness scene through coaching sessions and curated events.

Episode Highlights

About PLAY

PLAY events are all about bringing together arts and wellness, which are two of India’s biggest passions. They create multi-sensory experiences through movement, discovery, and creative showcases to harness people’s senses and connect communities.

Negatives of the wellness industry

With social media, we are heavily influenced by wellness trends that are focused on vanity and aesthetic health. With the constant pressures to look and be a certain way, it takes away our attention from what is truly important - our holistic health and wellbeing.

The need for change

There has historically been a trend of only people of a certain aesthetic and demographic allowed to go to gyms/wellness spaces, making others feel intimidated to go. However, this needs to be changed by more spaces opening to everyone and creating an environment that is comfortable and supportive.

India’s wellness habits

India’s wellness habits that are non-negotiable are 8 hours of sleep, drinking plenty of water, practising 80:20 yoga, and writing a positivity journal.

Being positive towards ourselves

It is important to be positive towards ourselves, instead of dwelling on our mistakes. Writing a positivity journal can help, since it puts things into perspectives and makes us realise what we can improve on in a constructive manner. 

The step to physical wellness

When starting out, step out of your comfort zone to discover different wellness activities and find the one you love. You can also find exercise buddies with similar interests to you to have company when starting something new.

Some memorable quotes:

[33:52] “the more we move, the more we feel connected to our bodies”

[36:38] “move your criticism into curiosity”

[42:02] “find something you love”

[42:58] “discomfort is your dream’s currency”

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