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Ep#2: The Key to a Healthy Lifestyle w/ Harry Jameson

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Show notes:

With the evolving wellness industry, we’re seeing bigger changes than ever before. In this episode with Harry Jameson, we discover the importance of having structure and recovery in our lifestyle as high performing individuals. We also dive into the main factor causing disease and uncover the positive changes in the wellness scene.

With an impressive 18 year career as an award winning personal trainer and performance coach, Harry moved towards entrepreneurship in the wellness sector. He founded successful businesses such as RAIN Wellbeing, Pillar Wellbeing and Future Practice. Following his growing recognition in the wellness community, he is also a brand ambassador for Lululemon and Technogym and a monthly columnist for The Times (UK).

Episode Highlights

Wellness rituals

Harry’s wellness rituals start the day with supplements including Flow State Mushrooms, a cup of coffee, and breathwork exercises, followed by varying exercises everyday, including strength work, running and boxing, with one full day to rest. 

Majority of disease is lifestyle based

90% of diseases stem from our lifestyle choices, highlighting the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. It is essential to maintain a structured lifestyle that allows for recovery and getting our body into a restorative state physically and emotionally.


Having had a hip replacement surgery recently, Harry understands the importance of recovery and the importance of being diligent and consistent in recovering. As humans, it is essential to take time to recover since it is the restoration of energy and is a preventative measure from deteriorating health.

The importance of routine and structure

As a high performing individual, Harry finds it important to have a routine and structure in your life in order for you to reach your goals without your health getting in the way. He recommends having a 5-25 minute morning routine to get you started for the day, which can include coffee, supplements, breathing exercises and stretching.

Do things you enjoy

Life is too short to focus purely on our goals. In fact, engaging in hobbies and doing what you enjoy – whether it’s exercising, painting, or simply being around those you love – is essential to being more productive and healthier.

Current trends in wellness

In the evolving wellness scene, we are seeing positive changes that prove health isn’t just about appearance but also about how an individual feels. Also, there is an increase in social elements where people are joining physical communities, moving away from the era of digital subscriptions. People are also focusing more on biohacking and self-optimisation through paths like supplements and educational courses to improve their overall health.

Some memorable quotes:

“Our health is within our hands” [8:36]

“Let’s not wait for things to go wrong, let’s do something consistently so that doesn’t happen in the first place” [20:43]

“You get one life, let’s try and spend as much of it happy” [34:48]

“The happiness a man finds at the top of the mountain is the happiness brought with him” [35:13]

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