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Ep#3: Wellbeing Tips from Successful Entrepreneur, Juliet Angus

Updated: Mar 11

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Show notes:

Finding the perfect work-life balance can be difficult. That’s why we’re joined by fashion entrepreneur and content creator Juliet Angus to discover her ways of maintaining a work-life balance. We also dive into her daily wellbeing rituals and the importance of having fun in every aspect of your life.

Juliet Angus is a stylist and internationally renowned fashion blogger and content creator. Transitioning from being a TV personality on shows such as Ladies of London, she moved into fashion, collaborating with luxury brands like Dior Beauty,  and now also boasts 300k Instagram followers as a content creator.

Episode Highlights

Finding the balance between family and career

Juliet talks about the initial struggles of balancing family and her career, at first prioritising her career development and later realising the importance of family time.

The importance of discussing feelings

Expressing your feelings is important in maintaining healthy relationships and keeping emotions bottled up can negatively impact your body. 

Being able to embrace change

Change is inevitable in life and you have to learn to adapt to the changes. In fact, Juliet mentions being enthusiastic about change and embracing new experiences.

Having fun

Life is short, so we should focus on doing the things we enjoy and creating lasting memories.

Juliet’s wellbeing rituals

Juliet’s varying daily workouts are followed by the RAIN COAT CBD Balm, great for aching joints after exercise. She also invests in quality products for the skin and body and finds journaling a great way to end the day.

Tips for great wellbeing

Some tips from Juliet to improve your wellbeing are staying active, being conscious of the food you eat, and embracing new experiences - strengthening your mind and body.

Some memorable quotes from today:

  • “Life is about adjustments” [5:51]

  • “In a world of communication, we need to say how we feel” [12:36]

  • “Don’t be afraid to change” [52:47]

Check out Juliet Angus

Thanks for tuning into a Restorative Force, where we talk about the path to wellness and an optimal lifestyle. If you enjoyed this episode with Juliet Angus, subscribe to our podcast and leave us a review. Also, check out our Instagram and Tiktok pages for more RAIN.


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