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Ep#4: What Wellness Insights can we Learn from Top Actor, Jamie Dornan?

Updated: Mar 11

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Show notes:

Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage stress before a big scene or event? Or have you ever wondered about the routine of a busy actor? Well, this episode is where you can find out the above from actor Jamie Dornan. We discover his daily wellness practices and his routine for an optimal day as a father. We also uncover his techniques for building mental resilience, his end-of-the-day rituals, and the positive effects of not using a phone so often.

In the early 2000s, Jamie started out as a model, working for brands like Dior Homme, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, and Hugo Boss. He embarked on a new journey as an actor, breaking through as an actor in series like the Fall and The Tourist, and films like Fifty Shades of Grey, Belfast, and A Haunting in Venice.

Episode Highlights

Daily wellness practices

As a dad of 3, Jamie often prioritises his childrens’ wellness over his own. However, when he has the time, he stays in an infrared sauna for 20 minutes and then does a cold plunge for 4 mins, which he has found has great effects for physical recovery.

Mental resilience 

Being an actor, you’re constantly in the public eye in a critical industry. Here are Jamie’s ways for building mental resilience: focusing on family, separating work from his personal life, and staying away from noise in the industry.

Jamie’s love for walking

Jamie loves walking around the city and listening to music, since it helps to clear his mind and stops him from using his phone.

Positive effects of not using his phone so often

As humans in modern day, we often find ourselves falling into a rabbit hole of scrolling on our phone for hours every day. That’s why Jamie decided to stay off of Instagram and not use his phone as often unless needed. The effects he has seen have massively impacted his life and mental wellbeing, through having more time to think and process thoughts and also being more present for his family.

Being in flow state 

Jamie often experiences a state of flow and reaches his best level of performance, when he has memorised his lines and is immersed in script writing, making him feel prepared and invincible.

Jamie’s favourite ways to decompress

His favourite thing to do at the end of the day is to take a bath with bath salts whilst watching a show. He also enjoys going on walks around London and staying active with sports like golf and swimming which are great for the mind and building strength.

Optimal living

Here’s what an optimal day for Jamie looks like: waking his children up, taking them to school in a happy mood, eating breakfast, exercising at the gym, doing personal admin with his wife, doing a wardrobe clear out, playing golf, spending quality time with his family, and finally getting an early night.

Some memorable quotes:

“My entire focus has been on my family” [20:26]

“if you stay in the noise all the time, you’ll be really affected by the noise” [24:32]

“I despise laziness - Everything that is being designed is to make us more lazy” [24:11]

“When I’m in that flow state, it’s unbelievable - you feel like Superman” [47:01]

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