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Ep#5: What can we Learn about Stress Management from Ex-sniper, Joe Bates?

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Show notes:

In this busy, modern life, we often don’t realise the immense effect the stress and overload has on our bodies and mind. Joe Bates, the founder of Halen Strength, joins Hannah Phang to talk about his journey towards founding Halen and the transition from the military to coaching. We also discover the importance of being in the present and using breathwork to deal with stress effectively.

After the death of his father at age 17, Joe embarked on his military journey by joining the Royal Marines. He later progressed to joining the special forces as a sniper. Following his military journey, he transitioned to working as a bodyguard, and later joined the banking sector at Citibank. After facing burnout in banking, Joe decided to pivot his career and work in global branding.  Recognising a gap in the mental health space, he founded Halen Space, an app-based coaching platform run by former military professionals.

Episode Highlights

Joe’s journey from the military to coaching 

Starting his career in the military, Joe went on to work as a bodyguard, a banker, a global branding professional, and eventually founding Halen Strength.

Learning to be aware 

Being aware of our body’s reaction to stress and tension and asking “why” is essential to learning how to relax our bodies.

The importance of grounding yourself 

Grounding yourself and realising the things that are important to you are great at reducing stress and generating a greater wellbeing.

Stress levels 

Although some may not realise, stress is a good thing for the body and prepares the body for fight or flight, entering our state of flow.

Being in the present, instead of focusing on the past or future

We spend a lot of our time worrying about the past and the future and getting sucked into the small things, but why don’t we just take a step back, relax and be in the present moment instead?

How breathwork can positively impact our lives

Breathwork is an effective exercise to improve your condition and reach the optimal wellness.

Halen Strength and future plans

A platform run by former military professionals offering coaching to help people with their mental wellbeing, with plans to branch out to the USA, expanding the social impact Halen has on people.

Some memorable quotes from today:

  • “Don’t wait until you’re broke to speak to someone” [26:14]

  • “Sweet isn’t sweet without sour” [46:50] [1:00:16]

  • “No pill to cure it”

Check out Joe Bates and Halen Strength      


Also, a shout out to Toby Gutteridge [36:00]

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