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Ep#6: Unlocking Workplace Wellness w/ Christina Disler

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Have you ever felt like you just want to quit your job? We figure it’s because you weren’t getting the support you needed from your company. This episode, we’re joined by workplace wellness entrepreneur, Christina Disler, to discuss the workplace issues around employee wellbeing and the tips for both employers and employees for overcoming the hurdle to better wellbeing in the workplace.

After experiencing the lack of support in the workplace, Christina founded Werklab, a holistic wellness coworking operator, to transform the workplace from an environment of depletion to one of regeneration. Following Werklab, she also founded AI-powered culture diagnostics platform, Aster, to address the gap between employees and company. Enriched by her experience in HR and her own wellness journey, Christina provides insightful critique to shift the culture of workplace wellness towards an ecosystem that actively contributes towards personal wellness.

Episode highlights

The journey to Werklab and Aster

Having gained insight from her time in HR, Christina founded Werklab to create a workspace that replenishes people and allows them to express their true selves. Following that, she founded Aster to combat the challenges and promote transparency among companies within workplace wellness.

The importance of vulnerability at work

At work, we tend to disconnect from ourselves and put on a front, but it is important to be authentic and real since it allows for human connection and for you to create your best work possible.

Environment at work

The physical space you work in is so important for improving the quality of your work. That’s why at Werklab, they have different rooms with different lighting, textures, and layouts to help accommodate that.

You always have a choice

There’s probably been a time where you’ve said you “should” do something. But that must stop. It’s disempowering and contracting yourself. Instead, focus on the things you can choose and bring power internally. Go for that coffee break. Go for the well needed walk outside. Take a moment to relax and practice breathing exercises.

Tips for employers

Christina’s tip for employers to improve workplace wellbeing is to be intentional. Think about the purpose and objectives of meetings, set breaks between meetings for a rest. Allow your employees to be vulnerable. Be compassionate and curious about your employees - this will lead to better efficiency and happier employees.

Tips for employees

Christina’s main tip for employees is to take time to connect to yourself, doing activities like journaling, taking a walk, breathwork, or moving our bodies. Taking those moments are important to avoid being consumed by work and help you realise your power to make choices.

Some memorable quotes from today:

“Cut out the word ‘should” [19:42]

“It’s not human resources but human beings” [ 27:58]

“It is your responsibility to go take care of yourself” [47:23]

Check out Christina and her accomplishments:

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