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Ep#9: Busting Food Myths and Health Insights with Holistic Health Coach, Katie Wolfenden

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Show notes:

With the constant stress from modern day and the new food trends on social media, we can often forget the practices we should undertake as an individual for optimal health. This week, we’re joined by holistic health coach, Katie Wolfenden, to learn the best nutrition tips for a healthy body and mind. We also uncover the causes of stress and the amazing benefits of sound therapy.

After experiencing stress and a deteriorating health from her job, Katie moved to Bali where she came across holistic health practices like meditation and sound therapy. After discovering the positive effects of these practices, she moved back to the UK to become a holistic health coach & educator, where she offers workshops, talks, events and 1-1 coaching for integrated nutrition, sound baths, and anxiety and stress management.

Episode Highlights

Integrated nutrition

This is the combination of the principles of traditional nutrition (e.g. calories and macros) and functional nutrition (dietary health), where Katie looks at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of her client to find their root cause of their behaviour with food.

Katie’s food myth busts

With the Tiktok and Instagram trends of “what I eat in a day” with low-calorie meals from influencers, you may think that eating less calories can make you lose weight, however that is not true and majority of the time influencers will use highly processed foods to make for flavour, which is not good for your health. Also, the necessity of powders and supplements is often overdone and you should choose them selectively, looking at the labels for organic and high quality ingredients for true benefit.

Effects of sound therapy

Sound therapy is using instruments at different frequencies to promote healing in our physical and emotional bodies. It has seen great effects in reducing inflammation and blood pressure, and helping people cry which is good for their emotional health.

The causes of stress

In the modern world, constant stress is common since our bodies have not adapted to the constantly changing environments we live in. This often leads to unrecognised stress with symptoms like fatigue and digestive problems, highlighting the need to find the underlying causes.

Katie’s morning rituals

As a holistic health coach, Katie’s morning rituals include meditating, going for a walk in nature, journaling, and eating a balanced breakfast.

Tips for following your intuition

Following your intuition is important when finding the right diet for you. Katie’s tip for following your intuition is finding practices that help you build trust with yourself e.g. taking a walk, journaling, and finding quiet time to focus on yourself.

Some memorable quotes:

[35:33] “health is all linked”

[42:24] “one person’s food is another person’s poison”

[47:31] “you have the power to change it [the problems in your life]”

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