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In a world where your best self is your biggest asset, RAIN introduces Flow State Mushrooms - your daily catalyst for unmatched clarity, focus, and vitality. Born from our commitment to fostering a community of high achievers, this meticulously crafted formula is your cornerstone for creating impactful change, starting from within.


Experience the Power of Nature's Finest Allies

At the heart of Flow State lies a synergistic blend of the earth's most potent functional mushrooms, herbs, and roots. Each capsule is a carefully curated elixir designed to elevate your productivity, sharpen your focus, and sustain your energy levels, allowing you to slip into your flow state with ease. It's more than a supplement; it's your secret weapon for daily excellence.


Cordyceps Sinensis: The Energy Dynamo

Central to our formula is Cordyceps Sinensis, a revered mushroom celebrated for its extraordinary ability to boost physical performance and energize your day. Known as the powerhouse of endurance, Cordyceps is your ally in breaking through barriers and achieving new heights of personal success.


    Step into Your Magic

    With RAIN's Flow State Mushrooms, every day is an opportunity to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Let us help you unveil your optimal self, ready to make a meaningful impact. Welcome to a world where your potential knows no bounds.

    Flow State Mushrooms | CLARITY FOCUS & ENERGY | 1 Month Supply (60 capsules)

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    • Why Choose Flow State Mushrooms?

      • Elevated Productivity: Embrace the clarity and concentration needed to tackle any task with confidence.
      • Enhanced Energy: Say goodbye to mid-day slumps with sustained energy that powers you through the most demanding days.
      • Natural Ingredients: Trust in a blend rooted in nature, with every ingredient chosen for its proven benefits.
      • Effortless Flow: Discover the joy of seamless productivity and creativity, where every moment is an opportunity for greatness.

      Cordyceps Sinensis
      Lions Mane
      Ginger Root
      Macca Root
      Beetroot Powder
      Mucuna Pruriens Plant
      Panax Ginseng
      Ashwagandha Root & Leaf
      Vitamin B1
      Vitamin B2
      Vitamin B6
      Vitamin B12
      Vitamin D

      Vegan & Keto Friendly

    • Dosage

      Start with 1-2 capsules, ideally on an empty stomach, and make sure to stay hydrated during the process. 

      After 1-4 hours check in with yourself, pay attention to heightened senses and enhanced effectiveness. Make sure to stay hydrated!

      After 4+ hours, if you need to enhance or continue the flow state, you can now take an additional 1-2 capsules.

      We recommend a maximum dose of 4 capsules within 12 hours.

      We recommend a 5 day on 2 days off protocol.

    1 month | (60 capsules)
    delivered within 3 - 5 business days
    30 day money-back guarantee


    "I have not felt this awake & clear in years!!" (Kathryn, Nov 2023)


    “I have mild ADHD and my inattentiveness has been significantly reduced” (Chris, Nov 2023)


    “I feel fantastic! After the first 18 hours or so I really started to feel less burdened by stress or pressure and that has materialised into 2+ days of fantastic output re: work”
    (Matt, Nov 2023)
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