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RAIN and Bryony have come together as both believe in the importance of having the tools, rituals, and products that support you in living your optimal life.

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RAIN creates best in class wellbeing essentials to optimise a way of living. We believe in being a restorative force - helping you to slow down, tune in, and reconnect so you can work with your nature rather than against it.


My journey into Pilates came after a road accident,with every doctor and physiotherapist I saw recommending Pilates to regain movement
and heal my back pain. Over time, my body started to strengthen,
I was gaining mobility and flexibility, most importantly my mental
health was improving.

After ten years of self-practice, I became more confident and aware
of the full holistic benefit to my body & mind. I wanted to share my
learnings with others and decided it was time to begin teaching.
I classically trained in London, and I wanted to create a method that
served the body and didn’t break it down. I wanted my classes to
lengthen, strengthen, build flexibility and ultimately help to heal the
mind as well as the body, as my journey had done for me.

I began teaching Zoom classes and saw the viewership increase
exponentially. I was determined to maintain this momentum and
make my method available to more people. This is how The Platform
was born. I couldn’t be more grateful for this community and the
support which has allowed the business to grow and develop into
what it is today.

RAIN _ Brand Assets _ Bryony x RAIN Collab Logo.png
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