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Ep#10: What Influence Does Social Media Have on Mental Health and Aesthetics Trends w/ Dr Jane Leonard?

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Show notes:

With the constant expectations from social media to look a certain way, there has been an increase in the desire to get aesthetic procedures. We’re joined by GP and cosmetics doctor, Dr Jane Leonard, to gain insight into aesthetic procedures and the cosmetics space. We also uncover the immense effect of Covid 19 on mental health and the tips for staying healthy.

Dr Jane is a fully qualified GP and Harley Street trained cosmetic doctor, who worked front line at the Covid 19 hot hub escalation centre during the pandemic. She also appears on the Channel 4 show Embarrassing Bodies and her own podcast The Confidence Clinic.

Episode Highlights

Gaining Confidence 

Confidence is not something that you gain immediately. Go with the flow of life and learn from your challenges and see your confidence grow.

Tips for staying healthy

Staying healthy for optimal wellbeing is all about consistency. Even if you’re doing the basics, like exercise, sleep, drinking water often and eating balanced meals, there will not be an immense improvement if you’re not taking on these healthy habits everyday.

Influence of Covid 19 pandemic on mental health

Covid 19 was a difficult time for everyone, depleting people’s mental health due to the forced isolation and reflection. However, it also made people more aware about mental health and the importance of it.

Importance of taking the first step

If you're feeling unwell and experiencing anxiety, embarrassment, or reluctance about visiting the doctor, remember that taking the first step to get checked out is essential for improving your health and wellbeing.

The Aesthetics Space

Comparison culture in the aesthetics space is great for cosmetic doctors to give accurate consultations. However, with the heightened social media trends, people start to compare themselves with a curated portrayal of themselves, creating a negative desire to look a certain way.

Understanding aesthetic procedures

Dr Jane shares insight into aesthetic procedures, such as botox, filler and profhilo, and the risks of not getting them done by medically trained professionals.

Some memorable quotes:

“Be willing to fail” [14:38]

“You are not alone” [25:56]

“less is more” [47:20]

Check out Dr Jane:

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