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Ep#7: Exploring How to Feel “Well” in Modern Life w/ Oli Patrick

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Do you ever wonder why you feel exhausted even after “resting”? Well, we might have the answer for you in this episode, where we meet Oliver Patrick, a physiology and health assessment expert, to discover the cause of feeling unwell and how stress can in fact be positive. We also explore the wellbeing scene in a corporate setting and the different ways to achieve better wellbeing.

Oli is a physiology and health assessment expert, with 25 years in delivering, creating and governing executive health screens, advanced health assessments and corporate wellbeing facilities as the co-founder or director at Future Practice, Pillar Wellbeing, and Latus Health. In the corporate setting, he has consulted organisations globally on wellbeing strategy including, Nike, HSBC, The League Managers Association, and UK Coaching.

Episode Highlights

Physiology and health assessments

Physiology is the study of how the human body works and health assessments are to help find individual systems in the body that are not working well and consider lifestyle factors affecting it.

The cause of feeling unwell

Even after a what-seems-like relaxing rest, we still often feel unwell. This is because there is an absence of physiological recovery and our bodies are too hypervigilant to rest properly. 

Stress is good for you

Most stress is good for you and is critical for growth. However inadequate pressure called hypostress can be energy draining and overwhelming, so it’s important to find the sweet spot.

Best action is meditation

The best thing you can do is meditate. It helps to regulate the mental and physical systems, and bring the body to a place of stillness.

Wellbeing in a corporate setting

The corporation’s job is to ensure that the employees don’t become unwell, which benefits the employees as well as the employer.

Future of wellbeing

The future of wellbeing is bright, with lots of technical advancements creating a cultural shift and the growing awareness of wellbeing.

Some memorable quotes from today:

  • “you can’t build a bigger muscle, without lifting a weight heavier than you can pick up” [27:50]

  • “wellbeing isn’t an outcome, it’s a series of habit that enable you to achieve your goals” [39:58]

  • “you have to walk towards the fire and embrace failure” [49:46]

Check out Oli and his outstanding accomplishments:

Thanks for tuning into a Restorative Force, where we talk about the path to wellness and an optimal lifestyle. If you enjoyed this episode with Oli Patrick, subscribe to our podcast and leave us a review. Also, check out our Instagram and Tiktok pages for more RAIN.


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